Baby Driver – Movie That Firmly Parks Ansel Elgort in Hollywood

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If you’ve watched The Fault in Our Stars and loved it, you’ll agree with me that the most loveable part of the movie, apart from the moving story, is Ansel Elgort. He’s tall and good-looking and acts pretty well. After TFIOS, though, a lot of people weren’t too keen on Elgort’s acting chops. Despite his role in Men Women and Children garnering positivity, Elgort was summarily dismissed as just another one-time romantic hero. That’s how I see it.

But with Baby Driver, boy, oh boy, does he turn all those critics on their head! Acting alongside stalwarts like Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx, Elgort holds his own in this crash-wham-bam sort of a movie that gives you a heady rush! And I’m not talking about Elgort because I might have had a little crush on him after TFIOS. (*giggle*) It is only fair to talk about his acting first since he plays the titular role of getaway driver, ‘Baby’. Baby loves music and listens to it on the job to drown out his tinnitus.

The movie is a splash on the face, telling you that fairytales aren’t exactly real. But it also mixes reality with these unreal fairytales and gives you a glimpse of something that can only be termed hope. It tells you that if you are patient enough, you might have a fairytale of your own. Baby Driver touches on lost hopes, desperation, loyalty, fear, and love in the midst of all the Fast and Furious type of action. On second thought, this comparison does seem a little unfair, since I think Baby Driver does have action that’s much refined and artistic that the Fast series – if you can call the action artistic.

Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx deliver what is expected of them. Dry humor, deadpan warnings, and indifference to blood and murder – that’s what they are asked of and that’s exactly what they deliver. Every time they deliver a punch line, you shake your head smile, and mutter to yourself, “Classic Spacey” or “Classic Jamie Foxx.” And the fact that Elgort is almost at a parallel with these men is commendable.

Director Edgar Wright does a wonderful job with the writing and execution of a crisp screenplay. With skilfully placed shockers (for want of a better word) and the constant adrenalin rush, Baby Driver is plenty good entertainment for the entirety. You will not be bored, for sure! And even if you do, the film has a number of redeeming features to get you back!

On the whole, Baby Driver is a movie that solidifies Ansel Elgort’s credentials in Hollywood, if they weren’t already. If you follow him on social media, you can see the excitement brimming from him. It’s this excitement that will probably allow him to stay on, if he intends to, that is!

Rating: 4/5 stars

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3 thoughts on “Baby Driver – Movie That Firmly Parks Ansel Elgort in Hollywood

  1. Really cool review, it got me excited to watch the movie this weekend! I can’t wait for the Spacey/Foxx punchlines but do you really think Elgort is done proving himself with this one? I feel like he might need a few more solid roles before his seat at the Hollywood table is totally safe.

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