Seriously… I’m Kidding – Ellen Being Her Precious Hilarious Self

Ellen DeGeneres is one of the funniest women showbiz has ever seen. And any debate about it would be futile. Being one of the most influential talk show hosts, not to mention generous, Ellen has helped thousands of people over the years. Her quick wit and poker face seldom fails to elicit laughter.

Laughter is what Ellen DeGeneres does. It is in her bloodstream, one of the biggest things that makes her who she is. A great host, a great comic, a noteworthy actor, and an undoubtedly awe-inspiring humanitarian, Ellen’s niche is something that will probably remain out of reach for a long, long time to come. And thanks to her comic, laughing side, this book couldn’t have been named better.

Seriously… I’m Kidding is not a wholly autobiographical account. It is more of a collection of Ellen’s thoughts and her humorous takes on what goes on in life. As you go through the book, you see that not once has Ellen lost touch with humor. Every time you think that “yes, this is where it’s going to get serious and Ellen will make it philosophical,” she slips back into her chirpy, funny persona. Or maybe she never slipped out of it. Maybe it’s all just a ruse. A clever one at that.

There is no particular order to what Ellen talks about in each chapter. It’s a mish-mash of many of her life ideas that jotted down. But the thing about Seriously… I’m Kidding is that it’s like pizza. A pizza with toppings that you wouldn’t usually like on their own, but when put on a pizza, you relish it. Yes, it’s a mix of ideas, but it’s one that’s goofy and more or less makes you laugh with every passing paragraph.

Given that you do expect a certain continuous autobiographical tale from books like this. But Ellen is a comic. One whose ideas pop out with a generous smattering of wit, humor, and randomness. To expect anything else from it would be a grave injustice – to the reader and to Ellen herself.

Seriously… I’m Kidding brings out Ellen’s personality in full force – one that is unabashed and unapologetic, one that isn’t pretentious in any way, and one that’s glad to be of help to people in more ways than one. Ellen is never preachy. And this book is an extension of that non-preachy facet of the remarkable woman called Ellen DeGeneres.

Ellen’s brand of pure humor takes the readers into its folds. Me, for one. It made me snort with laughter, it made me smile with understanding in the few seconds she almost got philosophical, and then it made me cry with laughter. While Seriously… I’m Kidding doesn’t have a conventional sequence (come on, it’s Ellen!), it has all the qualities of an uncle who makes you laugh, indulges you, and tells you what you want to hear, but still instills values in you that you don’t realize until later in life.

For making me guffaw with laughter while making me think about my life choices, here’s a big cheers to the woman who never fails to bring a smile to people’s faces!

Rating: 4/5 stars

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