Adulthood Is A Myth – Sarah Andersen’s Brilliant Comic Reality

Being an adult isn’t easy. As you grow up, you realize that most of what you thought of as a child wasn’t true at all. Writing this feels like déjà vu to me because I had written a short, short eBook called The Rise Into Adulthood: How to Keep Your Sanity that came out in December 2015. Though the topics diverge after a certain point, the core remains the same.

The hardcover version of Adulthood Is a Myth: A Sarah’s Scribbles Collection lay in my Amazon wish list for a long time. But when the price of the Kindle version fell dramatically, I took the opportunity and lapped it up. And what a decision that was!

Sarah Andersen’s Adulthood Is a Myth, the first in the Sarah’s Scribbles collection, takes everyday situations and turns it into relatable comics that has you nodding vigorously in agreement. Starting off as a web comic that went viral and then getting a book of its own, Adulthood Is a Myth is reality tossed with crazy amounts of comedy. This comic take on ‘adulting’ was probably was many people in the world were waiting for, to realize that there are many others just like them.

‘Adulting’ is a fairly new word but what it explains has been baffling adults for ages now. Growing up, taking on responsibilities, retaining childish qualities, trying to adapt to life and failing spectacularly yet rising on occasion to get a glimmer of hope – none of them is as we think of them to be. It is not the question of what age we turn into adults; it is about how and when we start accepting the adult life. Or not.

Adulthood Is a Myth tells you exactly what the title says, in 128 pages of comics that will have you split your sides laughing. You can breeze through them pretty easily. But if you put it down after each comic to recover from the bouts of laughter, you can even stretch it past an hour. I did so and it took me less than an hour to absorb all the awesomeness that Sarah Andersen had to give.

Adulthood Is a Myth makes you feel loads lighter, one of the major reasons being that you identify with the stories in them. It has something in it for everyone – the bookworms, the girly girls, the tomboys, the sarcastic ones, the polite ones. Everyone.

In 2016, Sarah Andersen won the Goodreads Choice Awards Best Graphic Novels & Comics, for Adulthood Is a Myth and not without merit. It isn’t this award that gave Sarah Andersen her popularity or rockstar status, but it’s saying something, going up against so many and emerging victorious.

I don’t want to say any more, except that Adulthood Is a Myth is true to its very core. It’s light, entertaining, absorbs the pathos of life and lays it out on a comic canvas with an artistic splat, shows you that your uniqueness is identification layered with so much more, and makes you laugh at mundane everyday occurrences.

Love it!

Rating: 5/5 stars

Click on the image below (my Amazon Affiliate link) to buy Adulthood Is a Myth:

Featured Image Courtesy: Barnes and Noble.

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