12 Beaches in India That I Really Want to Visit

I’m not really a water kind of person. I hate the rains, am annoyed by puddles on the road, and I prefer to sit in kiddy pools in water parks. That could also be because I panic at the thought of zooming down at breakneck speeds. But let’s not talk about that. Instead, I’ll dwell on the waters that intrigue me, those that burst in on the golden sands of beaches. I’ll wade knee-deep into them – no more – and think about the secrets of the world.

Beaches have always meant fun to me, irrespective of how messy they can get. The word ‘beach’ brings to mind golden sands, the blue, twinkling waters, the endless lines of recliner seats, and those supple, bending palms. And right now, all I can think of is the gentle lap of the waters against the sandy shores, me sitting on that recliner seat that I just imagined and sipping on coconut juice. Too cliché? Or, I could just be writing words on the sand and watch the water wash them away. What better than this to let go of those few inhibitions that I nurture? 😉

There are a few that I have visited so far in India: Goa, Visakhapatnam, Mumbai, Puducherry, etc. But there are more that I haven’t visited yet than I’d like to admit.

Here are a few Indian beaches that I really want to visit and hope to visit soon. J

1. Kovalam Beach, Kerala:


Picture Courtesy: Wikivoyage

God’s own country has beaches that are to die for, as I look on from a distance. The rusticity of it all, the picturesque horizon beyond it, a relaxing dip in those cool waters – as I imagine it all, I wonder – how could one miss these beaches? And yet here I am, never having been there and clamoring to go there ASAP! 😀

To top it off, there’s that lighthouse that I’m really, really itching to conquer! I’m going right now to see if we can get in 😉

2. Varkala Beach, Kerala:


Picture Courtesy: Thrillophilia

It mightn’t look as pristine as it does in this picture, but this also belongs to God’s own country and for some reason, Kerala seems like a state that has been beckoning me over to no avail. But sometime in the future, I promise I WILL make time. Promise!

3. Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep:


Picture Courtesy: TravelTriangle.com

Who finds the sight of those blue waters, the greenery and just the slightest strip of beach sand absolutely amazing? Me! And who doesn’t want to admit that they probably can’t go there anytime soon? Also me! But hope is a good thing and the future is vast, so let’s never say never and see how this dream goes!

4. Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island:


Picture Courtesy: Andaman Tourism

There’s only so much one can do to not close one’s eyes and imagine oneself walking on those sands or frolicking in the blue waters. And I’ve also had feedback from friends who’ve told me that those sands are some of the prettiest they’ve ever seen. I felt rather vindicated when that happened, for some weird reason. 😛

5. Miramar Beach, Goa:


Picture Courtesy: goa-tourism.org.in

Situated in the heart of Panaji and one of the most frequented beaches of Goa, we were supposed to visit this beach to enjoy the sunrise as we were staying close by. But call it luck or call it pure laziness to wake up so early (it was summer), we didn’t get to go there and till date, I repent not having visited it at the time. But one day… One day…

6. Kudle beach, Gokarna, Karnataka:


Picture Courtesy: Gokarna Tourism

Raw, earthy and serene, there is something about this beach that draws me to it. Ever since I saw a few friends put up pictures from here as well as a vlog from a BookTuber I admire, the allure of this place has only multiplies. By leaps and bounds at that.

7. Murudeshwara Beach, Karnataka:


Picture Courtesy: TravelTriangle.com

Named after Lord Shiva, this beach serves as a beautiful backdrop to the magnificence of the larger-than-life statue of the Lord sitting in all His glory. But it’s not just the calmness that radiates through the pictures. It is also the gut feeling that this is going to be a place that I will kick myself for not having visited before. Fingers crossed that that happens!

8. Maravanthe Beach, Karnataka:


Picture Courtesy: udupilive.in

A National Highway runs between the waters of the Arabian Sea and the Souparnika River. It’s beautiful, awe-inspiring and as close to one can get of witnessing a one-of-a-kind union of river and sea!

9. Alapuzzha Beach, Kerala:


Picture Courtesy: Alappuzha.com

Okay, now who doesn’t want to follow the ruins of the sea bridge? I know I do! I surely don’t want to be sucked into an imagined whirlpool or even slip off the bridge, but balancing precariously on it as we walk towards the waters seems really, really appealing to me. I swear I’m usually not this masochistic! 😛

10. Kappad Beach, Kerala:


Picture Courtesy: Kerala Tourism

This one has a history. And that is precisely why I have a strong urge to go and explore this place. Remember Vasco Da Gama? Yeah, that Portuguese explorer? Yeah. He landed here in 1498.

11. Suryalanka Beach, Andhra Pradesh:


Picture Courtesy: Cleartrip

Imagine. Cottages on the beach. As soon as you open the door, sea breeze rushes to caress your face. And the fun that you’ll have with friends? Priceless. Added: we did have fun and how! That was one of the most memorable trips we’ve ever had. And not to forget: it was a road trip and it made it all the more enjoyable!

12. Paradise Beach, Pondicherry:


Picture Courtesy: Tourism of India

This was ticked off the list too and it was as beautiful as I had imagined it to be. I had thought that it would be a little too crowded, but fortunately, it wasn’t, and we had some of the best times of our lives there. ❤

There’s nothing better than closing your eyes and imagining yourself stepping on the cool sands of a beach. Maybe only a Tropical Iceberg, but you get the point.

Let me know some beaches in India that you really, really, really, really, really want to visit. I’d love to check them out, even if I can’t visit them. 😉

Until you sight the sands, keep traveling, keep reading, and add melodrama to your life! 🙂

Travel photo created by freepik – www.freepik.com

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