She walked along the road, minding her own business

Wearing nothing outlandish, just an everyday dress

Her head was covered, her eyes downcast

She just wanted to get home, her heart thudding hard and fast.


Yet, they closed in on her like hungry, famished vultures,

Like it didn’t matter to them what they said in a thousand cultures,

They teased and they mocked, they sneered and they leered,

And while one committed the horror, the other monsters cheered.


The cries of the poor girl echoed emptily through the streets,

They ripped through her clothes, turned a blind eye to her pleas,

There was no one to hear, there was no one to rescue,

She couldn’t save herself and the monsters, away they flew.


She lay there for eternity, sobbing away in her naked grief,

Her clothes fluttered helplessly like a withered, shivering leaf,

She tried to get to her feet and rescue her beaten self,

But the trauma had caught up, she needed someone else’s help.


Dawn came along and it saw her unconscious body,

Lying on the roadside waiting for somebody,

To pick her up, to help her, to get her medical aid,

Yet people stared and went by, as helpless there she lay.


Finally there came a kind-hearted stranger,

Who picked her up and got her to a medical manger,

As her eyes opened in the dull, white hospital ward,

Memory came crashing back and she cried and cursed the Lord.


She found her parents crying inconsolably beside her,

But they were there, standing strong, though heartbroken, with her,

She sobbed and she sobbed and apologized to her parents,

Was there any way she could make amends?


Her parents consoled her, they knew they had to be strong,

They told her it was not she who was in the wrong,

They vowed to clasp her hands tight and find the beasts,

Bring them to justice, a sight on which she could justifiably feast.


She was not convinced that the monsters could be tamed,

She thought they could only be temporarily maimed,

In the meanwhile, her life looked dark and undeservingly bleak,

She felt so frail, so unnervingly weak.


The moment her body allowed her to go around,

She woke up determinedly and vowed to leave the ground,

She walked up to the sill and looked upon the landscape,

She silently said her goodbyes, as the idea of giving up took its final shape.


Her parents’ faces swam into her view, bringing tears to her eyes,

She thought of whether it would be worth it to give up those wonderful ties,

But she realized that it was not, that it was no way to go forward,

She stepped off the sill and vowed to bring justice to the monstrous cowards.


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