Throwback: My Favorite BookTube Videos That I’ve Created!

Let me do a little introduction for this post.

I’m Sonali and I go by ‘The Melodramatic Bookworm’ on social media. I’m an author, blogger, book reviewer, Bookstagrammer, and BookTuber, and I love what I do, although it does get exhausting at times. Here are the links to my social media, if you’d like to check them out. (I know this usually happens at the end of a blog post, but since I’m going to talk about one of these links, I figured, why not. :D)





So my intention of writing this blog post was to shower myself with a little love on a public platform. I’m not the kind of person to hype myself up, but I figured, why not talk about the videos that I enjoyed making instead? It does take a lot of effort so I might as well use up the residual energy and share some introspective love. 😀

Also, what better a way to do a Throwback Thursday than to show some self-love to a channel that’s been my baby for close to 21 months now? 🙂

#1 – A Glimpse of Our Greece – Blue and Beautiful!

At the time, I hadn’t thought about SEO. I’d just made the video and uploaded it. But looking back, it feels like I’ve done a decent job on it. And maybe that’s because my face isn’t in there as much. 😛

#2 – Weird Bookish Things I Do – Part 2

The first part of this came out looking painfully awkward, but this one, I managed to make it interesting because I inserted a few skits in there. And it remains to date, one of my favorite videos I’ve ever made. 🙂

#3 – Movie Review & Rant: Race 3

This was the first rant review that I did and it’s sort of stuck with me. I don’t want to sound boastful, but my rants somehow receive more views and appreciation than anything else. Plus, this video is something that I made in a short period of time and edited and uploaded it like I’d die if I didn’t. And despite that, it came out quite well. So… 😀

#4 – The Paperback-Kindle Debate!

I made two videos on this: one to talk about why I will always love paperbacks and hardcovers; and the second to talk about why I love the Kindle too. And I’m rather proud of the way I put in so many points in such a short duration. 🙂

Here are the videos:

Reasons I’ll Always Be a Paperback/Hardcover Girl

Reasons Why The Kindle Is Awesome Too!

#5 – Bookworm Problems

Again, proud of and amazed at how I fit all these points in under 6 minutes! But I haven’t done a video like this in a long time and I want to try and get THIS mojo back. 😀

#6 – Harry Potter Terms I’ve Been Pronouncing Incorrectly

It took me months to do my first Harry Potter video and I enjoyed doing it because of two reasons. One, it meant I could read the series again and relive it all. And two, refer to reason #1. 😛 Lame, I know. 😛

#7 – Reading Vlog – Reading a Book I Hated

This was a completely random decision to record my thoughts about a book that I was reading and I absolutely hated. So badly written! But I got to do a vlog kind of thing for the first time – a proper vlog, I mean – so that’s something I’m really proud of. And the fact that I brought this down from 1 hour 30 minutes to 33 minutes? Proud!

#8 – Reading Tips for the New Year

In this video, I collaborated with some of the biggest names in BookTube and Bookstagram, including Helly, Manpreet, Elizabeth Sagan, James Trevino, and Bronte Huskinson. And though it was just me putting together these videos, the enormity of the collaboration coup that I pulled off, rather makes me happy. 😀

#9 – 12 Women Authors You NEED to Read!

I did this for International Women’s Day and feel so happy to be talking about women authors. With the brilliance that these women authors shine with, it’s no wonder that my heart is a smug little imp as it thinks of this video! 😀

#10 – A Very Short Trip to Vizag | Travel Vlog

I hardly do travel vlogs but when I do and the outcome is this, then I’d do them every other day. Of course, that would need traveling, so when traveling, make vlogs is my new mantra. 😀

#11 – Why I Read…

This had been on my to-film list for a long time. I wanted to do this because I spoke a lot about books but I never talked about why I began reading and why I continue to read in the first place. So this made me really happy. 🙂

#12 – How to Speak Better English?

I’m not someone who can talk on and on and give tips to others. But given that I’ve been writing and reading and speaking in this language for as long as I can remember, I thought I HAD to make this video. And I’m pretty proud that it’s not too long too. 🙂

#13 – Sh*t Book Hoarders Say

This was for a prompt for the Biannual Bibliothon and though there were no location changes, I felt like this was a good one for me to do. 🙂

#14 – A Love Letter to My Favorite Series

This is something that I’m really, really proud of! Especially because this is a format that I hadn’t used before this. This video didn’t get a lot of love but I’m really proud of how it turned out. And it’s honest and deep from my heart so… 🙂

*          *          *          *          *

If you reached the end of this blog post, then a big, big thanks to you and lots of love! You’re awesome! 🙂

If you reached here and went and subscribed to my channel, and additional love and gratitude from the bottom of my heart! You’re amazingly awesome! 😀

I’ll be back with more posts on here. Thanks for sticking with me. 🙂

Until next time, keep reading and add melodrama to your life! 😀

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