It’s Time We Stopped Discriminating Our LGBTQ+ Fellows!

The Universe as we know it is a bouquet of multitudinous, constantly revolving, constantly moving objects. In the largest scheme of things, we figure as nothing but mere specks. God, the one Creator of everything that exists, made sure that existence didn’t show bias. Everything, from the brightest star to the dullest meteor is allowed to take its own path. Occasionally, there are explosions from them running in to each other, but who’s complaining? There are after all, certain laws that keep them away from each other most of the time. And that’s just how the Universe works. If God is content with watching the Universe learn on its own, how does one planet’s haughty rebellion even matter?

The problem here is the planet itself. Us. The Earth. We think we are the whole soul that keeps the Universe together; that without us, nothing can exist; that we are the saviors of the world, when in fact, we are responsible for destroying it. We are responsible for destroying what lies around us and what lies within us. We fight in the name of religion, discriminate based on caste, gender, and sexual orientation, and thrust manmade traditions and rules on everyone in sight. Anybody who doesn’t conform to our idea of “perfection”, we detest. We hate, we ridicule, we shame. Like our existence on Earth is the only thing that matters.

But we need to get over ourselves. There was life on Earth before us and there will be life long after us. Remember the dinosaurs? There are two quotes from my favorite book, The Fault in Our Stars that I’d like to quote here:

We’re as likely to hurt the Universe as we are to help it, and we’re not likely to do either.

There will come a time when all of us are dead. All of us. There will be no human beings remaining to remember that anyone ever existed or that our species ever did anything.

This couldn’t be any truer. We are going to die. All of us. So if it is inevitable, why discriminate? Why fight? Why can’t we live and let live? A lot many of us say that God resides in every one of us. So why can we not actually find that God, respect Him, and do what He does every day? Be kind and patient with our fellow humans? Why can’t we just look at each other as human beings with varied interests? Why is it so difficult?

The people who get the worst bargain in this world of hypocritical discrimination are those who belong to “socially unacceptable” sections. Though times are changing (even if it is at a snoring snail’s pace), there are still those that are subjected to rude behavior every single day. Especially in India when it comes to their sexual orientation.

The LGBTQ+ community is looked down upon, for reasons I can never understand. Aren’t they human beings, too? Who is anyone else to judge them for their orientation? What makes the discriminators the barometer of propriety in the world? Just because some people are attracted to people from other genders, you are not entitled to treat them any differently. The worst part of it all is that the people who discriminate cannot stand being discriminated. Treating people from the LGBT community differently shows your true self. People belonging to the LGBTQ+ community are entitled to living a life of their own based on their sexual orientations and terms as much as anybody else is. Just let them breathe!

People who have come out of the closet find it difficult, with so much unreasonable hate revolving around them. Not all of them are ideal role models but everyone can learn a lot from what their stories have to teach.

Take for example Caitlyn Jenner, born Bruce Jenner, an Olympian and now arguably the most famous transgender in the world. She has made insensitive remarks now and again and faced the ire of the global transgender community. Yet, many people view her as a role model, maybe because she had the guts to go ahead and follow her heart.

Here in India, Karan Johar came out subtly in his autobiography, An Unsuitable Boy. Harsh jibes and barbs were common against Johar, but post this episode, it’s probably become worse, though he’s apparently taking down trolls like a boss.

People in the public eye do have difficulties, but it is those who remain unknown – common people like you and me – who have to go through worse everyday hell, thanks to the lack of awareness on such topics at layman level. I hope that one day, all of this will change, and everyone can live in peace without taunting or getting taunted based on gender, caste, creed, color, religion, or sexual orientation.

I don’t intend to hurt anyone by this post. I just want to reach out to all those people and stand by them in solidarity, even if they refuse, even if they don’t notice me. These thoughts have been with me for years now, simmering beneath the surface. And I finally found a way to put them forward.

The world as we know it is bound to end sooner or later. How and when is a mystery. So until we are faced with impending oblivion, could we not give each other the courtesy that we expect from others? Could we not love, live, and let live? Could we not stop behaving like everything in existence depends on us? (Because seriously. It doesn’t!) Could we not accept the fact that there is an unbiased God watching over all of us?

After all, we aren’t the center of the Universe, you know!

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