Revere Your Reads!

Have you ever wondered how that window to the magical world appears and opens before you? From the eyes to the mind and then you are transported into an altogether virtual world, where you are the director, cameraman, creative director, art director and the music composer, all at once. You can smell the rain and feel the heat. You wince at a blow, smile at a cheesy line, laugh at a comic one, and cry at a tragic one. You shout and swear in consternation at the injustice meted out. And at the end of it all, you heave a sigh of satisfaction or of frustration, or you cry of sorrow. What could be the initiator of such happiness or such grief?

Books. Those gifts sent from heaven, to give you a sense of joy and excitement.

In this world of online reading and e-books, the value of the traditional book seems a tad diminished. Not to say that I don’t enjoy reading eBooks. In fact, I just finished reading one and loved the experience! But the joy of holding a book in your hand and experiencing the anticipation of turning a page and not knowing what you will find ahead: priceless. The uncertainty and the eagerness to open that world of dreams defines the underlying beauty of those bountiful treasures.

The feel of a fresh cover of a book in your hands, the turn of the crisp pages and the possessiveness you feel when you lay your hands on it, is second to none. It is with great expectations and excitement that you open it and embark on a journey so wonderful, that you find yourself drowning more and more into the depths of the immersive ocean I call a book. The words, woven so artfully into such beautiful scenes as they dance on paper, make you lose yourself in them. They swim around, they dance and they enter your imagination like no other.

A book can be enriching, entertaining and educating, and once you give your all to your book, it will never disappoint you, irrespective of whether it is a physical copy or an eBook. It will give you at least one emotion when you close it at the end. Distress, frustration, disbelief, even happiness. But the most common sentiment that accompanies a parting with a book is bereavement. There are books, at the end of which, you do not know what to do anymore. You have been immersed in the book so deep for so long that there has been forged a strong bond that cannot be broken by trivialities. What do you do? Where do you go?

The answer lies in the reason for your frustration. Take on a wholly different world to visually construct. A different world to add to the satisfaction that has built up in you after the last one. You will understand that the feeling of plunging into the depths of these worlds is absolutely unparalleled.

If only there was a world where you could spend all your time just reading books and building visions of beauty, without eating, working, and sleeping. But alas, this world does not work that way. Socialization, competition for survival and hunger dictate the norms here. So all we need to do, is preserve those treasures for a time when you are free of all the burdens, albeit for a short period of time. Preserve them and revere them.

P.S. If you happen to stumble upon that wonderful world, you know where to find me.


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