Spitting on Roads in India Should Be Made Punishable!

This happened to me last year and that was when I went all out and wrote this rant.

You know what the problem is? That people don’t think twice before spitting in places that they don’t inhabit. And this has increased so much over the past few years that it’s becoming unbearable. This is gross, but fountains of spit, of gutkha, of phlegm make their way to the tar on the main roads and it’s grinding my gears like none other! For God’s sake, just control yourselves!

The worst part is they get so freaking defensive about it! They begin to say, “What’s it to you if I spit on the road?” My problem, dumbass, is that I might need to literally put my foot down at the same point on the road you spit on! Traffic signals make it necessary! Would you freaking do the same in your front yard? Would you step on something that comes out of someone else’s mouth? It’s so disgusting that I’ve started to yell at people who do this.

From auto drivers to people in posh cars, everyone seems to have deserted their common sense. Sometimes, a nice looking car stops in front of me at a signal, a door will open and out splats a horrible (there’s no other word for it) amount of spit or tobacco or phlegm. And if it is phlegm, it will fall with such a resounding slap that I just want to pull the person out and shake them till their teeth rattle.

One day, as I was returning home, I stopped at a signal, a scarf around my face and helmet firmly in place. A bike-driving, helmetless idiot came to a stop beside me. Before I knew it, he had gathered all his guts and spat on the ground, just centimeters from my feet. Good God, I went off at him, almost shouting because there was a strip of mud just feet away from him. Why couldn’t he go do this nonsense there?

To which he answered: It didn’t fall on your feet, did it?

And when I said, people might have to place their feet on that filth, he goes, “There are only tires that go over it.”

I said, pointing to my feet, “Do these look like tires to you? And moreover, would you do this in your own home? Would you place your feet on that disgusting glob on the road?”

He stares at me for a second before saying, “What do you know madam? There’s so much pollution! You have that scarf wound around your face. That’s why we have to spit!”

I was gobsmacked at the audacity of this idiot to turn things into those that weren’t really of consequence at the moment. I should have said, “Who’s stopping you from doing the same? Why don’t you tie a handkerchief around your face? If you cared enough, you would do that!” But the honking had started from the vehicles behind us as the lights had turned green, and before I knew it, we’d had to move ahead.

What do we tell such obnoxious people who think that the roads are their bathrooms or wash basins? Autowallahs spitting out fountains of tobacco and when I yell at them, they speed up and start shrieking at me. Why is there no minimum common sense? Does this happen around the world? Is it common enough that my rant here is completely unnecessary? But then again, it’s degrading and dirty, the way people think of the roads as their personal spittoons.

What I think of as a solution is that spitting on roads must be made punishable. Of course, in India, where rules aren’t followed, it might be a little too much to ask for. But can’t we do it the way the Traffic Police sends challans for traffic violations? The way we get penalized for not wearing helmets, for crossing a line at traffic signals, for riding triple on two-wheelers, jumping signals, not wearing seatbelts, and speeding – it should be the same for spitting on roads.

I know it won’t be. But in an ideal world, it should be. Because it’s gross, it’s horrible, it’s filthy, and whatever you say about wanting a clean and green city, this is one way to make sure that you actually live in a clean city.

Why does nobody object to spitting on roads? Why is it taken as a way of life? Just like obnoxious people throwing trash out of car windows, which is also seen as “normal”, spitting on roads is also seen as an okay thing to do. And this makes me so angry that I just want to clock them on the head. But that means I will end up in jail and I really don’t want to! It’s them that need punishment. Not me.

I’m saying bye for now but I really hope something comes through on this front. Some rules, some penalties for the people who do this, some alternatives that will make sure that they do not spit on roads. India means they will slip away, but at least half the population that does this might think twice before spouting such yuckiness on the roads. Ugh.

What do you think of this? Let me know in the comments below!

Featured photo created by wirestock – www.freepik.com

2 thoughts on “Spitting on Roads in India Should Be Made Punishable!

  1. There are so many things other people do that irk me to no end—chewing with their mouths open, littering, talking as if they’re shouting—but I’ve begun to realise that it will never end. As long as humankind exists, there will be people who do all this, and short from becoming the prime minster and passing a new law, I don’t think I’ll be able to affect that much change, so I’ve learned to just live and let live.

    I totally get where you’re coming from though. Spitting is downright disgusting.


    1. I agree with what you say. There’s a lot and we can’t curb everything, so live and let live is the best option.
      But that patience is tested a number of times, especially when there’s spitting involved and the person isn’t even apologetic about inconveniencing (to be polite) someone else. They have twisted arguments ready too.
      *sigh* I wish …


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