Fly Away…

I wrote this article a long time ago, when I was battling other issues. And I now wonder how time works. At every point in time, issues differ and our reactions to them differ. But we’re always battling something. Constantly.

The rays of the sun slanted down on the road that extended towards the far horizon and the shadows of the trees provided some sort of a temporary haven to the weary travelers. As I looked to my right, I could see the outlines of the buildings in the distance and I tried to encourage myself to pick up speed and go forward. Forward, to a place where the hum and thrill would make me forget my own miseries and give me a thrust to make something of myself rather than just fluttering from one place to another.

I moved forward with a determination that even I didn’t know I possessed, weaving in and out of the greenery that lined the highway. At times, I would rest on the bark of a tree and relax, albeit for a couple of minutes. I would look around, observing the monstrosities that ran on the road. The giants that sent pure air up in smoke. I would then shake my head and take off again, my mind buzzing with excitement and anticipation.

At one point, one of the giants that humanity had created, one they call a bus, almost hit me out of my way and slowly streaked ahead of me. It was at this point that my curiosity was tweaked. With a short burst of energy, I entered the bus through one of the windows that was open. In that particular moment, it dawned on me that these people, who were sleeping like they hadn’t slept in ages, were bound in the shackles of indifference towards their fellow passengers. I could literally feel it in the air. I could feel the tendrils of suffocation sneak up on me and I tried to make a quick exit. During my adventures in searching for a way out, I happened to look at an ID of one of the passengers. And I could feel my heart stop. No wonder these people were sleeping like logs! I sympathized with them whole-heartedly. Finally spotting a window that was open, I flew excitedly towards it, glad of the escape provided from this prison and casting a last pitying glance on the sleeping people, I made my way to where I belonged.

Once I was out in the open air, I heaved a sigh of relief. But the sight of those tired souls, dark circles under their eyes, faces all pulled down and a frown etched permanently on the tired faces, would remain with me forever. I knew right then, in that moment, that these people would never ever be able to help me forget my miseries. How could an unhappy person make me happy? I was better off in my own natural world. I didn’t need buildings and campuses and people to make me happy. So I took a long last look at the retreating bus and bid a final goodbye to those representatives of tiredness, those who called themselves IT professionals. My life as a carefree bee was precious to me. With this last thought, I turned to fly away, to the home that would always welcome me back with open arms.

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