Reading Update + March 2021 TBR

It’s already March! And I’m hyperventilating about this fact because 2 months have already gone by and I’ve done close to nothing! Productivity is out the window, mental health is languishing, physical health is no better, and work is piling up to the point where I’ve become a trekker trying to scale Mount Everest. Every single day.

But I could crib all day and get nowhere. Instead, I’ll put that aside for now and talk about what I’m supposed to be reading and where I am at the moment. In today’s blog post, I’ll be talking about my March TBR (To Be Read) pile and the books I’ve managed to read so far. More of a reading update too than just a TBR post.

I’m also hosting a readathon, which I call #DramaQueenAThon, for International Women’s Day, which started on March 8 and goes on till March 14, and all you have to do during this readathon is read books by women authors. There are no other rules. Plain and simple.

If you’d like to go watch my TBR video, where I also talk about #DramaQueenAThon, the readathon I’m hosting this month, then please follow this link: March 2021 TBR + DramaQueenAThon

Do let me know which of these you’ve read, which you’re intrigued by, which you’re excited about, and what you’re currently reading.

A short story collection that I was super excited to read, especially because of that cover. But it turned out to be lukewarm at best. I liked how the author talks about how our lives are so entangled with technology, but in the end, there was simply no point. The stories didn’t tie up well and that rather left me winded from having to read it.

This was the second book, after The White Tiger, from the 21 Books I Want to Read in 2021 list that disappointed me. 😦

Buy book here: The Women Who Forgot to Invent Facebook and Other Stories

#2 – The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

A book that I’m so darn excited to read! Taylor Jenkins Reid is a phenomenal writer and to read one of her books that is so widely loved, fills me with an insane level of excitement. I LOVED Daisy Jones and the Six and Evidence of the Affair, and I know that somehow, this is also going to be one that I will love. Expectations? Heck, yes! Why not? 😀

I’ll be doing a reading vlog + book review on my channel. If you’d like to watch it and stay tuned for it, here’s the link to my channel: The Melodramatic Bookworm.

Buy book here: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

#3 – Ahalya by Koral Dasgupta

I’m reading this book right now and I’m loving it! The writing is so fluid and beautiful, and talks about Ahalya’s life while talking about how patriarchy and tradition have moulded women from creations of beauty and intelligence into entities that men feel entitled to control. Pisses me off to no end! But I’m loving this book and I hope that by the time you read this post, I will have finished it.

Buy book here: Ahalya

#4 – The Heart Asks Pleasure First by Karuna Ezara Parikh

A book that I was taken in right from the cover. I mean, look at it. It’s so gorgeous, stunning, magnificent, and every other adjective in the dictionary! But this is a story of love transcending boundaries and coupled with the fantastic reviews I’ve been hearing of it, my excitement levels are off the charts!

Buy book here: The Heart Asks Pleasure First

#5 – Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid

This book was at the center of The Reading Rush controversy last year. It talks about performative allyship and The Reading Rush did exactly that, which irked a lot of people across the world, especially because they went on to joke about not picking the book up. It’s one thing for people at my level, with limited reach to talk about not being able to pick it up, but a whole other matter of importance when such a large platform does this. But okay. We’re going to give this book the importance it deserves!

Let me know if you’d like to read a review of this book on here. 🙂

Buy book here: Such a Fun Age

#6 – The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri

This is one story that I should have read a long time ago and I know it! But I hate having any book spoiled for me and it happened with this book last year which I’m still salty about. Either way, I have people who are so excited for me to read it that I feel blessed and happy to be on social media. One of the only things that has made me stick it out!  

Buy book here: The Namesake

#7 – Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge

Another book I should have read last year. But I’m definitely going to read it this month because enough is enough. I really want to know the reasons the author is giving for being fed up of talking to white people about race because it makes sense. The burden of educating white people about racism shouldn’t rest on the shoulders of the people being discriminated against, but it does, and that’s a feckin’ shame, if you ask me. I’m getting carried away here, but I think it’s about time we got angry about racism and stopped it. Again: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Buy book here: Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race

#8 – Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

I really want to get to this book because I need the advice. And when it is coming from one of my favorite authors of all time? Heck yes! But given how packed my schedule is, I’m not sure if I will get to this. Fingers crossed, though.

Buy book here: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

#9 – Boys Will Be Boys by Clementine Ford

Oh, this is a book I will definitely get to! Clementine Ford is an author and a personality who has her ideas clear. She has a logical reasoning behind her opinions and isn’t afraid to admit that she has made a mistake – something that anti-feminists or whatever the feck they call themselves don’t have in them. I read Fight Like a Girl last year and have utterly become a fan of this woman. Go follow her on Instagram and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Buy book here: Boys Will Be Boys

#10 – Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit

This book, apparently, launched the word ‘mansplaining’ and talks about feminism in a ground-breaking manner. But some people, whose reviews I trust, tell me that it is an interesting book, if not for being a “cornerstone of the feminist movement”. Either way, I’m super excited to dive right into this book. Hopefully soon!

Buy book here: Men Explain Things to Me

#11 – The Beauty of Your Face by Sahar Mustafah

Another book that I’m currently reading. The writing is lucid, but the story is just getting started, so I can’t say much about it. I’m, however, glad that I’m finally getting to read this one because it’s been on my Netgalley shelf for way too long. Since last year, I think. But it’s okay. Better late than never maybe?

Buy book here: The Beauty of Your Face

#12 – Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley

One of my most anticipated releases of 2021! I’ll be reading this book on audio, before it releases on March 16, thanks to for the ALC. I can’t say much about this book except that it’s a YA thriller about a teenager trying to investigate and root out corruption. And whoa, if I’m not here for it, I dunno man. I don’t know what else I can say. (Wow, Sona! So eloquent!)

Buy book here: Firekeeper’s Daughter

#13 – Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

The last book on this TBR, but one of the most important books on my larger TBR, Bird by Bird is a book that I’m super excited to read because it promises me instructions on writing and on life, both of which I really, really, really need, given how my life and my writing are going. 😛 Please pray that I do find it in myself to pick this book up and help myself. I don’t know how many times I can say this but I really need it. XD

Buy book here: Bird by Bird

What are some books that you are excited to read this month? What are you currently reading? Have you read any of these books? Do you see any favorites? Do you see any books that you didn’t like? Anything you’d like to say? Let’s chat in the comments down below! 🙂

I’ll be back with a new post on Saturday. 🙂                                                                             

Until next time, keep reading and add melodrama to your life! 😀

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