Weekly BookTube Video Roundup – March 15-28, 2021

I think the problem with being enthusiastic in bursts is that it sort of fizzles out after a while and then you have to bring out all your energy to bring it out again. But I’m doing the best I can and I think that’s all that matters for the time being. 😀

I wasn’t able to post the weekly roundup last Sunday, so this week, I’ll be posting a roundup of all the videos I posted between 15th and 28th March, 2021. I took a little break because my mental and physical health were both out of whack. But I’m hoping to get back in the fray, especially since I’ve opened up Channel Memberships for my channel.

If you’d like to join and become a channel member, here’s where you can: Channel Memberships – The Melodramatic Bookworm.

If you’d like to buy any of the books mentioned in these videos, please use my Amazon Affiliate links mentioned in the descriptions of these videos. It would be of immense help to me. 🙂

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#1 – Coffee Talk – Episode 8

Date Posted: 20 March, 2021

In this series of videos, I talk about my current reads and some topics that weigh on my mind at that certain point in time while sipping on coffee. And in Episode 8, I talked about how much I hate spoilers, International Women’s Day and how we’ve got to change the notion that women ought to be treated with respect just on this one day, and the genre that is so offensively named ‘chick-lit’ while having some important, impactful books.

Link to the video: Coffee Talk – Episode 8

#2 – All the Books on My TBR

Date Posted: 25 March, 2021

The reason there was a gap here was because this video took such a long time to edit. My video editing software crashed multiple times during this process and I was super, duper frustrated. So I kept putting it off, not because I didn’t want to post it, but because it just wasn’t ready yet.

In this video, I talk about all the 476 books on my TBR, including paperbacks, hardcovers, ebooks, and audiobooks. It’s a lot. It usually doesn’t make me anxious but there are a few times when I look at these books and wonder when I will actually read them. Still no regrets about getting all these books though. 😉

Link to the video: All the Books on My TBR

#3 – Channel Memberships

Date Posted: 26 March, 2021

As I’ve also mentioned in a blog post that went up yesterday, I’ve opened up channel memberships on my BookTube channel. I’ve explained everything in the video (which went up first) and then in the post. It’s a huge step for me, given that I had no idea what path my channel was going to take as recently as 4 months ago. Super excited for this journey!

Link to the video: Channel Memberships

#4 – Why Are Some Books THIS Bad? – Episode 4

Date Posted: 27 March, 2021

I had started this series last year after having read a book that was plain bad. But things happened, I posted other videos I was excited for, my mental health took a beating, and this video series took a backseat. But in this video, I’m GOING for this book and not holding back. It’s like I never stopped reading it. XD

Link to the video: Why Are Some Books THIS Bad? – Episode 4

#5 – Shoutout Sunday – Episode 2

Date Posted: 28 March, 2021

This is a series in which I share with my subscribers digital content creators that I am a HUGE fan of. These creators aren’t necessarily book-related. These videos go up on the last Sunday of every month. The first one in this series went up last month. Today’s video is the second, where I’ve some amazing creators in there that you should definitely check out.

Link to the video: Shoutout Sunday – Episode 2

What do you think of these roundup posts that I have going? Do you like them? Should I continue or would you rather find out about them on your own through my channel? In that case, don’t forget to subscribe. 😉

Let me know in the comments below what you think. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

I’ll be back soon with a new blog post – hopefully as soon as tomorrow.

Until next time, keep reading and add melodrama to your life! 😀

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