April 2021 TBR – Can I Finish Reading All of These Books?

I think this year is going way too fast and way too horribly for me to be able to work my mind properly and I want to complain to the higher ups. Like, excuse me, ma’am! Can we reset this shitshow please? This is not what I ordered! 😛

But I wish we really could do this, you know? After all the times we get told, “This is the only life you have! Make it worth it!” If this is the only life we have, then we need to be able to have chances to do over things, irrespective of whether or not we started the dumpster fire. Doesn’t that make more sense?

Anyway. I’m not here to complain about it. (Debatable, but let’s roll with it for now.) I’m here to talk about the books that I plan to read in April 2021. I’m hoping this month will be a better one, especially since there’s so much more work to do.

In case you missed it, I started channel memberships this month, where subscribers support me monetarily in exchange for bonus content. This is kinda like Patreon but with creators getting a lesser cut of the amount patrons/subscribers pay. That’s Google for you. But if you’d like to go check out my announcement video where I talk about the levels and what channel memberships entail, here’s the link: Channel Memberships on The Melodramatic Bookworm.

Plus, I also posted my April TBR to my channel just before the month started. Here’s the link if you’d like to watch this post in video form: April 2021 TBR.

My April TBR also includes 2 books that I started in March but which I was in the middle of when the month ended, a duology that people fawn over, a few review copies, and a book I’m supposed to be reviewing for Writersmelon.com.

Let’s dive in before I bore you any further!

#1 – Boys Will Be Boys by Clementine Ford

This book is necessarily scathing and sarcastic, because no matter how many times Clementine Ford stresses on the point that patriarchy is not kind to men either but it is downright brutal to women, there will always be people who fixate on superficial things rather than focus on what she talks about. It’s sad that so many people exist that take her at her word only when it serves them, but otherwise will call her names and prove her point over and over and over again.

Buy book here: Boys Will Be Boys

#2 – The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri

I’m about 70 pages into this book and I love the writing! It’s so beautiful in so many ways without being showy. Every single line that Jhumpa Lahiri has written is with utmost care and love. I wish I could read it faster, but somehow, my brain isn’t a fan of that apparently. I hope it pulls up its act and helps me enjoy the simple grandeur of this story.

Buy book here: The Namesake

#3 – The Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo

One of my most anticipated reads of the year! I think, of all time too. And now that the TV series, Shadow and Bone is coming to Netflix this month, it’s about time I read this duology. I read the Shadow and Bone trilogy last year and I did enjoy it to a large extent. I’d found it fun and fast-paced. But this duology, I hear, is even better. Much better, if fans are to be believed. So here’s me, hoping against hope that I will be able to put my plans in motion and do a reading vlog for this duology like I did for the Ember series.

Buy book here: Six of Crows duology

#4 – The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi

This is the Subscriber Pick for the month of April on my channel. For those of you who don’t know, I do a series on my channel where every month, my subscribers pick a book from 4 options, for me to read, vlog, and review it. The book they chose for March was The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, a book I aaaaabsolutely love and the video for which went up on my channel recently. And for April, my subscribers chose The Henna Artist, and I’m super excited to dive into it as well.

I’ll be doing a reading vlog + book review on my channel. If you’d like to stay updated, then please head over to my channel, hit subscribe and click on the bell icon. Here’s the link to my channel: The Melodramatic Bookworm.

Buy book here: The Henna Artist

#5 – Hot Stew by Fiona Mozley

A book that I’m part of a blog tour for. I will be posting about this book on April 19th and I’m super excited for it!

Thank you Algonquin for having me on this tour!

#6 – Brown Baby by Nikesh Shukla

Thank you, Pan Macmillan India for the review copy. 🙂

This is, as the tagline says, A Memoir of Race, Family and Home, in which the author explores feminism throughout. He talks about his two daughters and in the process dissects the pain of living in a racist and sexist world. Because no matter how much you argue that the world is inherently good, there are people out there who will refute this claim because they think otherwise.

But I’m looking forward to pick this up. My channel’s members chose this to be my first read of April after I finish the books I brought in from March. I’m hoping to start this very, very soon!

Buy book here: Brown Baby

#7 – The Fixer by Suman Dubey

A review copy that I received from Rupa Publications a long time ago but haven’t been able to read. And since one of my goals for this year is to try and finish all my pending review copies in the first six months, this was one book that I couldn’t not add to this TBR. Hopefully I’ll stick to my resolution.

This is a story of a match-fixing scandal in Indian cricket, with a player being accused years later. And since Indian cricket has something or the other going on at all times, this seems like a very interesting read for me. Looking forward to it!

Buy book here: The Fixer

#8 – The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes

I’m buddy reading this with a friend and super excited for it because I know that she and I are going to have a fantastic discussion about it! Given that the book, if I remember correctly, revolves around relationships and regrets (not sure), I think it’s going to be an intense but amazing read. Big yes to this!

Buy book here: The Sense of an Ending

#9 – Make Time by Jake Knapp & John Zeratsky

I’ve spoken enough about this book on my channel in a number of TBR videos, but haven’t gotten around to reading it. But since this year is such a horrid, horrid year in so many ways, I’m going to read this and make sure that I turn whatever I can in my life around. I need something. SOMETHINGGGG!

Buy book here: Make Time

#10 – Club You to Death by Anuja Chauhan

One of my most anticipated reads of 2021! Anuja Chauhan’s writing is always fresh and reminds me of home. But she has always written about family dynamics and the like. This one sounds so aggressive that it automatically makes me interested. Super looking forward to having some fun while I read it!

Buy book here: Club You to Death

#11 – The Heart Asks Pleasure First by Karuna Ezara Parikh

Thank you Pan Macmillan India for sending me this book. 🙂

I will be reading and reviewing this for Writers Melon! I’ve been a fan of this book ever since I lay eyes on the fabulous cover! Just look at that! But this is also a book that I received last year but haven’t been able to read. So since my quest is on, I thought why not read it since I’m anyway excited about it? LOL. That doesn’t even make sense! But it sounded better in my head, so I’ll just let it be. 😛

Buy book here: The Heart Asks Pleasure First

Which of these books have you read? Which did you like? Which didn’t you like? What are some books you’re planning to read this month? Which book do you think I should prioritize? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

I’ll be back with a new post soon. 🙂                                                                                         

Until next time, keep reading and add melodrama to your life! 😀

All pictures sourced from Goodreads & Amazon.

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