Monthly BookTube Video Roundup – October 2021

Hello, hello! It’s time (past, in fact) for my October 2021 Booktube roundup in which I share the list of videos that I posted to my Booktube channel across the month of October 2021. These don’t include member-exclusive videos, since you won’t be able to watch them anyway. But there are 9 videos in here and I’m pretty proud of how far I took my October content, given how much of a shite month it was.

I usually do these roundups as and when time catches my fancy. And this time, it has taken me so long because it’s been a golly hectic time, apart from the little vacation we took a week or two ago. But never mind. Better late than never, as they say. Let me share with you all the videos that I posted to my Booktube channel in the month of October 2021!

A quick reminder that I am a Booktuber, Bookstagrammer, and book blogger who creates content because she loves to. Books are my passion and I don’t make anything off of my blog. So if you like my content and would like to support me by making a donation, however much you can, my PayPal is: . Thank you. 🙂

1. Authortube: Writing Journey and Plans

Date Posted: 2 October, 2021

I don’t think a lot of people know this about me that I am an author as well. I have a novel and two short story collections out in the market right now and I have a lot of plans for the future. In the first video of October, I talked about my writing journey and my writing plans, what I intend to do, how I intend to put them out for the world to read, and some such. I had a ball filming this video, but thinking back to it is now giving me a little anxiety because of the sheer amount of work I want to do. Heh. 😀

Link to the video: Authortube: Writing Journey and Plans

2. September 2021 Wrap Up

Date Posted: 6 October, 2021

This shouldn’t surprise you because I do my wrap ups rather diligently, even if some of them come out a little late. In this particular video, I talked about the 10 books that I read in September 2021 and as per usual, gave you mini-reviews of these books. This number isn’t as big as I’d have liked it to be, but I’ve accepted the fact that some months are just slow and we’d be better off rolling with it. Maybe that’s why November is going so great.

Link to the video: September 2021 Wrap Up

3. Birthday Book Haul 2021

Date Posted: 10 October, 2021

A staple on my channel, book hauls are videos that I really enjoy filming. And this one got so exciting that it ended up being close to an hour long. There were about 80 books in here – of course it was exciting! But this is a video in which I talk about all the books that I got as gifts for my birthday in July, I bought myself, or got as review copies. And there are all formats of books in here – paperbacks, hardcovers, ebooks, audiobooks – everything!

Link to the video: Birthday Book Haul 2021

4. 15 Books I Want to Read Before the End of 2021

Date Posted: 13 October, 2021

We blinked and 2021 is almost coming to an end. And it went by in such a haze that I never got around to reading all the books that I said I wanted to read this year. So I made a fresh list of 15 books that I want to read before the year ends, although, I must say that I won’t beat myself up if I end up not finishing them all. I am, after all, one person. But this is a list of books I curated very carefully, and now, they are glaring accusingly at me from my TBR cart. I need help, lol.

Link to the video: 15 Books I Want to Read Before 2021 Ends

5. Reading Vlog: Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr

Date Posted: 17 October, 2021

This was a paid collaboration with Storytel India.

I read Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See a few years ago but ended up not liking it that much. I mean, I didn’t dislike it, but I didn’t LOVE it, do you know what I mean? When Cloud Cuckoo Land released this year, I thought that perhaps switching up the formats would do better justice to the book. So I listened to the audiobook on Storytel India, and I was right! I did end up liking Cloud Cuckoo Land more than I liked All the Light We Cannot See!

Link to the video: Reading Vlog: Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr

6. Why I Love An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

Date Posted: 20 October, 2021

To be honest, I’ve been gushing about this series all year. One of my subscribers, who read the series because I recommended it, ended up not liking it. They asked me to make a video explaining what it was about the series that I loved so much and to which I had such a visceral reaction to. So I did it. I filmed it in June, I think, and ended up posting it in October. Which is good, I agree, but it’s a little weird if you get a haircut halfway through. But ah! An Ember in the Ashes has my heart!

Link to the video: Why I Love An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

7. Current Reads + Channel Updates: October 2021

Date Posted: 23 October, 2021

In this video, I spoke about what I was currently reading at the time and some channel updates that I had to make because of some reasons. One of the updates was that I had to shut down channel memberships because I was taking on so much and I had to take a step back somewhere. But I’m planning a couple of things, one of them here on my blog, and I can’t wait to start on that! Although I’m still heartbroken that I’ve had to stop memberships on my channel.

Link to the video: Current Reads + Channel Updates

8. Book Review: The Influencer by Abhaidev

Date Posted: 27 October, 2021

This was a very interesting book that I read in October, which I also did a written review for. I don’t remember a lot about the process that went into making this video, but I do remember the book and though the story could have used some tweaks, I feel like it was super gripping on the whole. Do watch the video or read my blog post to know more details about the book.

Link to the video: The Influencer by Abhaidev

9. Reading Vlog: The Last Gift by Abdulrazak Gurnah

Date Posted: 31 October, 2021

This was also a paid collaboration with Storytel India.

Just weeks before this, Abdulrazak Gurnah was declared the winner of the 2021 Nobel Prize for Literature. So it was fitting that this sponsored video would be focused on a book by him. Listening to this book made me understand the depths that this author could go to in excavating the human experiences. I can see why he became the Nobel Laureate and I can say with perfect confidence that I will be exploring more of his works soon!

Link to the video: Reading Vlog: The Last Gift by Abdulrazak Gurnah

So those were all the videos that I posted to my Booktube channel in the month of October 2021. Have you watched all of them? If not, have I convinced you to watch them? Have I convinced you to subscribe to me? Please, please do subscribe if you haven’t already. We’re now a family of more than 4000 Melodramatic Bookworms and I can’t wait for you to join us!

Do let me know down below in the comments what you think. I’d love to hear from you!

I’ll be back soon with a new blog post.

Until then, keep reading, keep watching, and add melodrama to your life! 😀

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