Cover Reveal: A Taste of My Life by Chitrita Banerji

I’ve only read a few books about food and I cherish them to no end. One of the major reasons is that I’m not a good cook at all. I have no aptitude for cooking, which is exacerbated by the fact that I can’t smell. My anosmia takes away half the attraction that cooking might hold. It also increases my admiration and awe for the people who can cook.

So when books like this release, they make my vicarious excitement bubble up and flow over in a way that I can’t really explain. Here’s the cover to The Taste of My Life, a memoir of one of India’s most celebrated food writers, Chitrita Banerji, which looks ABSOLUTELY delicious, if you ask me!


From a two-time winner of a Sophie Coe Award in Food History!

A Taste of My Life

Chitrita Banerji



One of the most celebrated culinary historians of our time, Chitrita Banerji grew up in a Calcutta home devoted to food. From there she went to Harvard as a graduate student, then to Dhaka soon after the 1971 India–Pakistan war, and later returned to the US, the passage of these years inspiring a fecund writing career.

In this memoir, styled like a three-course meal with an ironic twist, she offers an absorbing portrait of a life that has intermingled with food in moving and unexpected ways. Through vividly evoked repasts with family, and other meaningful gastronomic encounters in settings both personal and political, Banerji reveals how food has played a defining role in her experiences of love, adventure, conflict, loss and reconciliation. In the process, she introduces us to those dishes and drinks most special to her – Kadam Bhai’s duck bhuna, her father’s favourite tea, winter treats such as narkel naru, a chicken sandwich from memoryland – and charms us throughout with her sublime and enchanting prose.


You can preorder the book here: A Taste of My Life

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