Monthly BookTube Video Roundup – December 2021

Hi there! 2021 is past and though I missed posting about the videos that I uploaded to my YouTube channel in November, I didn’t want to miss out on the December content. Today’s blog post is the list of videos that I posted to my Booktube channel in the month of December 2021. There are 9 videos in here, one of them a book haul, and a couple of sponsored videos that I had so much fun making. Let’s get right on with it!

Monthly BookTube Video Roundup – October 2021

Hello, hello! It’s time (past, in fact) for my October 2021 Booktube roundup in which I share the list of videos that I posted to my Booktube channel across the month of October 2021. These don’t include member-exclusive videos, since you won’t be able to watch them anyway. But there are 9 videos in here and I’m pretty proud of how far I took my October content, given how much of a shite month it was. Let me share with you all the videos that I posted to my Booktube channel in the month of October 2021!

Monthly BookTube Video Roundup – September, 2021

In today’s monthly BookTube video roundup, I’ll be taking you through all the videos that I posted on my BookTube channel in the month of September 2021. In hindsight, I don’t know if there were very many, but how many ever there were, you can find in this list. Except member-exclusive videos. Those won’t be here because they’re, well, exclusive to channel members.

Weekly BookTube Video Roundup – April 5-11, 2021

We’re already in the fourth month of the year and though I had thought that things were going to get super crazy, they aren’t as bonkers as I thought they would be. Yet. I’m not going to be complacent about this work because there is a lot. But I do love it, so even though I will say over and over again that it is a lot of work – which is a fact – it isn’t a complaint in any way. I love doing this and I love that there are people who are loving this content. Even if the number of channel members is just 4 right now.

Weekly BookTube Video Roundup – March 29 – April 4, 2021

How do you seamlessly move from one month into the other? I thought I had the answer. I thought it was, “By finishing the books you started in a month, in that month itself, and not taking it into the next.” But apparently that isn’t the answer. Apparently, seamless moving on is unrealistic if you want it to happen in all months.
Nevertheless, I’ve taken to telling myself that it’s okay to overlap, especially because of the shitstorm that 2021 has been so far. And it’s true, especially when I’ve managed to stay dedicated to posting on BookTube!

Weekly BookTube Video Roundup – March 15-28, 2021

I wasn’t able to post the weekly roundup last Sunday, so this week, I’ll be posting a roundup of all the videos I posted between 15th and 28th March, 2021. I took a little break because my mental and physical health were both out of whack. But I’m hoping to get back in the fray, especially since I’ve opened up Channel Memberships for my channel.

Weekly BookTube Video Roundup – March 8-14, 2021

Today’s blog post is my weekly roundup of all the videos I’ve posted to my BookTube channel this past week. It didn’t all go to plan because there were a number of factors that weighed in and made me move around videos and posts and what not. But I did manage to upload 3 videos this week, as against the 4 that I had planned. And that’s not bad. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. XD

Weekly BookTube Video Roundup – March 1-7, 2021

I’m here today with the weekly roundup edition of my updates for you related to my BookTube channel. I had previously posted a February roundup blog post where I spoke about the videos that I uploaded to my BookTube in February. But this, I intend to do weekly, so that you are up to date about my content as and when I post them rather than a month after I do. 🙂

Monthly BookTube Video Roundup – February 2021

I’m starting this new series on my blog where I talk about the videos I post to my BookTube channel because I feel like you guys should also know what I’m doing in life when I’m not blogging. And this even more so when BookTube is such a huge part of my life and a huge part of who I am right now.

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