The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson – Identifiably Complete

Emily Dickinson is widely considered to be a great poetess, one who knows how to identify with nature in its entirety. Be it animals, trees, human beings, or emotions, Dickinson brings out the truth in every one of her poems with a profundity that is hardly found anywhere in this time and age. Emily Dickinson shows, in each of her poems, that it is possible for one to find joy in the littlest things in life and to expound those seemingly unneeded problems into life lessons.

The Fault in Our Stars – A Poem

About The Fault in Our Stars, I was so touched and influenced, that I rustled up a poem on this absolutely wonderful story. Though I might not be a pro at recreating beautifully told prose into poetry, please know that the poem is heartfelt.

War Poems – A Poignant Account by Christopher Pascale

The style of writing is simple, almost like a narration, but there is music in this style of poetry. It’s the simplicity that hits you with the force of a battering ram. There isn’t any explanation as to why you feel the load crushing your chest as you read the poems, aside from the fact that they are as beautifully realistic as a poem could possibly be.