The Sworn Sword – Consistency is the Key!

The Hedge Knight was the first in the Tales of Dunk and Egg series. Being my first graphic novel and because of my interest in Game of Thrones, the novel had some serious expectations to meet. Meet it did, and how! If this is how graphic novels are (I know not all are the same), then I’m all in! The Hedge Knight was responsible for setting the bar pretty high – something that the sequel, The Sworn Sword would have to live up to.

Book Review: Becoming God by Pankaj Ogra

When a book has a title as interesting as Becoming God, you sit up and take notice. You have a lot of expectations from it. And when it’s a new author who’s writing about this seemingly complicated topic, the excitement mingles with a sort of apprehension that you cannot explain. After all, you will now get to read a fresh perspective of divinity.