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Here is the list of services that I offer for book marketing. Please note that spotlights are not reviews.

  1. Instagram story spotlight
  2. Instagram post spotlight
  3. Blog spotlight
  4. YouTube video along with other content
  5. Reel/YouTube Shorts spotlight
  6. YouTube spotlight, exclusive

And here is the list of services for book reviews:

  1. Book Review on Instagram
  2. Book Review on Blog
  3. Short Review on Instagram Reel / YouTube Shorts
  4. Detailed Review on YouTube 
  5. Rapid Review on YouTube
  6. Detailed Review on Blog and YouTube
  7. Rapid/Short Review on Blog and YouTube
  8. Reading Vlog on YouTube

Plus, you should be willing to send me a copy of your book.

Please email me at for the prices.

Please note that the payment is to compensate for the time and effort I put into reading and reviewing a book and it WILL NOT influence my review. Please remember that I will be giving my honest opinion about your book. If I like it, I will say so. And if I don’t happen to like it, I will say exactly that. I always try to balance my reviews by mentioning both the positives and negatives.

So please make sure you are okay with either option before you approach me. 🙂

If you are interested in getting your book reviewed, please drop me a mail at with the following details:

  • Book title
  • Front cover of the book
  • What is the subject/genre?
  • A short summary of the book – the blurb will do.
  • Paperback or Kindle edition – which is it you will be sending
  • Short author bio
  • The package you are looking for

Please give me 3-5 business days to respond to your mails. If you don’t receive a response even after one week, please understand that I will not be able to take up your review at the present moment. 🙂

P.S. No erotica, religious texts, books on food, and books on technology please.

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