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Anyone who knows me can tell you what a huge Chris Hemsworth fan I am. Since this is about the movie and not just the man, I’ll spare you the details. 😛 But there isn’t a scale on which to measure the awesomeness of Thor: Ragnarok. It starts with a bang, takes a break with a bang, and ends with a bang. Let me dissect it for you.

Humor: Director Taika Waititi takes the signature humor of the Marvel franchise and twists it into so much more. While the other Marvel movies have a certain amount of humor, Waititi has made Thor: Ragnarok into a laugh-fest. While many have said that it is too funny to be awesome, I beg to differ. Thor: Ragnarok is the perfect combination of action, humor, and sentiment, without being too over-the-top. And what do I say about the play on words that happens every once in a while? I actually have no words!

Action: There is absolutely no doubt that the action in Marvel movies is fantastically brilliant. Every move and every maneuver in every skirmish and every battle ever is amazingly choreographed. And this Thor movie takes it to another level altogether. Be it Thor, Hulk, Valkyrie, Heimdall, or Hela, every action sequence is breathtaking!

Visuals: Marvel has never held back when it comes to CGI, and it isn’t stopping anytime soon. Thor: Ragnarok has beautiful visuals that makes you gasp in wonder or renders you speechless with its level of detail. Every frame is honed to perfection, not leaving a single thread dangling. Asgard or Sakaar, everything you see around the actors is penciled in with a beauty that is almost painful.

And when it comes to the other stunning visuals (read: the actors), what can I say? Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, and Tessa Thompson are so pleasing to the eye that the painful beauty that I was talking about earlier became a reality for me. Add to this equation Mark Ruffalo, Cate Blanchett, and Jeff Goldblum, the scales begin to melt with the heat!

With Benedict Cumberbatch making an appearance as Doctor Strange, the swoon factor in the movie went up a notch higher! Taika Waititi is also in the film as Korg. And there are also a couple of surprises in the movie that you have to be a little attentive enough to catch. We were surprised. Surprised enough to go Google and check if what we were seeing on screen was correct. 😛

Acting: Oh, the acting! Such wonderful comic timing! Such brilliant acting from everyone in the movie! It’s like a dream came true, wanting everything to be in a film and then finding that there is! Chris Hemsworth (swoon!) nails his role more than he has ever done. For some reason, this made me proud, my chest swelled, and I laughed with gay abandon. Tom Hiddleston does the same with Loki – every time he appears on screen with a witty remark or even a mere smile, sends waves of happiness across the audience. These two, along with Mark Ruffalo, were comedy personified, and I couldn’t be happier.

Special Mention: Hela: Cate Blanchett, playing Hela, the Goddess of Death, is absolutely terrifying! And that shows what an amazing job she has done. With her dark humor and chill-inducing looks and glares, she was a convincing villain who provided the heroes with the conflict that made up the film. When you start rooting against someone in a movie, you know they’ve done a good job. And somehow, you don’t hate Hela, but you root against her all the same, because even if you don’t hate her, her ideas are outrageous.

Soundtrack: One of the most important things that defines Thor: Ragnarok is its soundtrack. From point zero to the climax, the film’s music director, Mark Mothersbaugh has done a fantastic job. Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song during the climax makes it a memorable one, sending goosebumps down the audience’s collective spine. There’s absolutely no doubt that this movie has the best soundtrack of all the Marvel movies ever.

All these being a potent combination has just raised Thor: Ragnarok to a level from where it cannot be easily displaced. With such brilliance in every department, woven together by Taika Waititi using his special brand of magic, it is no wonder why we’ve decided to go a second time, come what may.

I wish I could give Thor: Ragnarok 10 stars out of 5. That is my intention. But keeping in line with the number on the blog, I give it a full, wholehearted 5!

Rating: 5/5 stars

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