Let Me Have This Moment…

When I’m distraught

When I’m trying to pour my heart out

Into your waiting ears


Give me a few words of comfort

Hug me

Give me a smile

A smile of reassurance

That everything will be alright

Even if I believe otherwise

Override my senses

Override my belief in the brimming negativity

Tell me snippets

Of hope

Of courage

Of things that turned out alright

Of people who love me

Of why they love me

Tell me something to drive away the darkness

Tell me something to make me feel alive

To make me feel worthy

To help me navigate my way

Out of this swamp.

But never ever.

Never ever take this time

To compare your troubles with mine

Your troubles are important, too

But let me have this time

To complain

To get it out of my system

To rant and to rave

Until I’m exhausted

Your troubles are important, too

But don’t tell me mine are nothing

That mine are nothing compared to what you are going through

For it is all relativity

You’d understand if you’d walk in my shoes

And I’d understand if I walked in yours

But I’d never say that your troubles

Are nothing when compared to mine.

One day, I’ll listen to you rave and rant, too

About your woes

About everything that is wrong

And everything that is won

In your life that is far thrown

From my own troubled one

Until then

Let me have this moment

Of letting out steam

Of complaining

Of venting

Of telling you my woes.

All I ask for in return

Is a little love

A little patience

And a little more compassion.

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