My Most Anticipated Book Releases of 2022!

Hello hello! Welcome to a new blog post where I gush about 15 books releasing in 2022 that I am super excited about. Some of my favorite authors are coming out with new books and I cannot wait for them to be out in this world, to get my hands on them, and to read them. I did this last year as well, as a video, although I cannot for the life of me remember if I did a blog post. But my most Anticipated Book Releases of 2022 list has some absolutely smashing, cracking upcoming books that seem out of this world!

The video for this went up today on my BookTube channel. If you’d like to watch that as well, here’s the link: My Most Anticipated Book Releases of 2022.

1. All My Rage by Sabaa Tahir

Releasing: March 1

Do I even have to spell out why I’m excited for this?! Sabaa Tahir is a freaking genius and her An Ember in the Ashes series is one of my favorites of all time. Discovering her was one of the best things that happened in 2021 and to know that I have something to look forward to in the upcoming year, makes me absolutely ecstatic.

All My Rage is a YA novel spanning generations, countries, and continents that focuses on familial love, loss, and forgiveness. It follows Misbah and Toufiq, and Salahuddin and Noor, whose relationships with each other are examined and put out in what sounds like a book that will break my heart into pieces. I don’t mind, really. I don’t mind it one bit. Sabaa Tahir can do whatever she wants with my heart.

2. Inheritance by Elizabeth Acevedo

Releasing: May 3

Elizabeth Acevedo is one author and poetess whose works I have loved and cherished. Starting with The Poet X to Clap When You Land, she packed a punch in every single one of her books. I know for a fact that this illustrated spoken-word poem, all set to release in May and which talks about Black and Afro-Latina hair, will be another to smash it straight out of the park and into my heart. I already love it, if that makes any sense!

3. Babel by RF Kuang

Releasing: August 23

I’m only just getting to finishing the first in The Poppy War series and I already know that RF Kuang’s Babel is going to have me on my knees, calmly and patiently jotting down notes and trying to understand everything that’s going on in there. RF Kuang’s writing is rich with detail and I feel like the way the tagline says, ‘An Arcane History of the Oxford Translators’ Revolution’ leaves so much to the imagination. But I also know that whatever us readers dream up of, there’s going to be so much more of it in here than that. A historical fiction to boot, I cannot wait for August to come so that I can get my hands on it and read it.

4. Bitter by Akwaeke Emezi

Releasing: February 15

I had read Akwaeke Emezi’s The Death of Vivek Oji and fell in love with their writing style. Bitter, which is a kind of a prequel to Emezi’s earlier novel, Pet, follows Bitter, who is trying to decide where she belongs. She is also a talented artist and the time comes when she has to decide what she wants to prioritize: her art, revolution, or herself. Emezi’s works are supposed to be savoured and I intend to do exactly that when the book releases on February 15. Although, I don’t know if it will release in India that soon. *Sigh*

5. An Arrow to the Moon by Emily XR Pan

Releasing: April 12

A modern Romeo and Juliet retelling with a Chinese mythological twist, this book from the author of The Astonishing Color of After promises to be a great read at first glance. I love Emily XR Pan’s writing. It is crisp, lucid, evokes so many emotions that will settle down within you but also fight to get out, much like a bird in a cage. Maybe not the best analogy, but this retelling of sorts, something that I haven’t seen or read so far, is one that I’m super interested in reading.

6. I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuiston

Releasing: May 3

I LOVE Casey McQuiston’s writing! It is witty and humorous, and brings out complex topics and emotions through simplicities. I Kissed Shara Wheeler sounds like another one such amazing read. Chloe Green has moved to Alabama and is now studying at a Christian Academy, where Shara Wheeler is her rival. One day, Shara kisses her and disappears. But Chloe finds out that she isn’t the only person that Shara has kissed. Now Chloe, along with the other guys, get on a quest to find out what happened to her. That took a twist that I didn’t see coming but it sounds SO AMAZING!

7. The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

Releasing: February 22

This is the story of a woman whose life is turned upside down and she asks her step-brother for help. He reluctantly agrees and when she moves to Paris, the city he lives in, she finds a classy apartment that she didn’t think he was capable of owning. But the point here is not if her past can be forgotten. It’s about making sure her step-brother, who has gone missing, is found. I had liked The Guest List when I read it last year and I’m hoping that this will also be one that I like. Perhaps I will if the repetitiveness is dialled down a little. Or a lot. 😛

8. Heartstopper #5 by Alice Oseman

Releasing: Not sure about the date but filed as 2022

The Heartstopper series, first of all, has my whole heart! Nick and Charlie have my whole heart. Alice Oseman has my whole heart! I read the first 4 volumes in June-July 2021 and stopped there because I wanted to read the next batch when volume 5 released. And now that the time is here, I am jumping and twitching and fizzing with excitement. I cannot wait to go and jump into Nick and Charlie’s story and watch them (literally; graphic novels are the best) with butterflies in my stomach!

9. Fevered Star (Between Earth and Sky #2) by Rebecca Roanhorse

Releasing: April 19

Black Sun was such a fantastic introduction to this world of fantasy! Replete with magical powers and rough traditions and having power over the sun and the moon and clan wars – there was so much about this book that I loved. And I wondered what happened towards the end of it, and now, I don’t have to wonder anymore! I just hope that I get an ALC for Fevered Star, the second in this series, like I got for Black Sun, so that I can dive back into a world that seems grittier than the real world, but which also seems better, what with the easy acceptance of non-binary people and neopronouns usage!

10. To Paradise by Hanya Yanagihara

Releasing: January 11

Hanya Yanagihara is known for the great big book that breaks hearts wherever it goes: A Little Life. And if that is anything to go by, this also sounds like something that is about to break one’s heart. It spans generations of a family and follows the members’ experiences with love, loss, and forgiveness. I don’t know how I will handle two Hanya Yanagihara books, but I think it’s about time I read A Little Life, and To Paradise is a new release. So…

11. Heat Wave (The Extraordinaries #3) by TJ Klune

Releasing: July 19

This news of the release of the third in The Extraordinaries series makes me want to go to great lengths to listen to the second one as well. Replete with oblivious superheroes, the best friends to lovers trope, unexpected villains, and familial love, the first in the series was a cracker, especially with Michael Lesley’s narration. I’m hoping he will return for the third book as well, because Michael Lesley is AMAZING as he brings TJ Klune’s bumbling main character to life in one of the warmest, funniest stories ever. Aaaargh, where’s the second book and why have I not read it yet!!

12. Adult Assembly Required by Abbi Waxman

Releasing: May 17

This either seems like a personal attack or a very self-aware me giving myself a tagline. But Abbi Waxman’s story of a woman who moves from her hometown and almost becoming homeless, before she is unofficially adopted by a bookseller and put up in a boarding-house while she starts going to trivia games – all of these makes me want to live that life. This does remind me a little of The Bookish Life of Nina Hill, Waxman’s earlier book. But I hope that the similarities just end there – in a set of uncanny flashbacks and nothing more!

13. A Botanist’s Guide to Parties and Poisons by Kate Khavari

Releasing: June 7

A historical mystery set in 1923 in which a guest at a party is poisoned and killed, a professor arrested for this crime, and a student is now on the quest to get him exonerated – if this isn’t enough to pique your interest, then the title itself must have. Not to mention, the cover is absolutely smashing! I’m even more excited for this because I have an e-ARC from Netgalley and I can read it way before the book even releases. Which is the whole point of Netgalley, but you get what I mean!

14. Moonflower by Kacen Callender

Releasing: May 3

This book sounds to me a mix of self-discovery and supernatural combined, and this has got me intrigued. I really liked Kacen Callendar’s Felix Ever After and the way they brought Felix’s stories and problems to life and highlighted the problems of society through them. I wasn’t a fan of how the story dragged, but the overall lesson was really important. I hope that this is something that is rectified in Moonflower and that it is written and edited into something sharper and crisper.

15. The River of Silver by S.A. Chakraborty

Releasing: March 2022

S.A. Chakraborty’s Daevabad trilogy is so widely loved that it’s a wonder I haven’t yet read it. I did read the first one in the series, though, and remember loving it. Unfortunately, that’s the only thing I remember about the book, which is why, I added it to my TBR again. I’m hoping 2022 will be the year in which I read it because S.A. Chakraborty’s new book, The River of Silver is coming out in March and given that it is a book containing tales from Daevabad and its whole universe, it’s only fair to expect that. I don’t know anything more than this but I sure am excited for Chakraborty’s latest offering.

So! Those are the 15 books releasing in 2022 that I’m super excited about. Which of these are you super excited about? Which books are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

Also, do go check out the video that I posted today on my channel where I talk about these books: My Most Anticipated Book Releases of 2022

I’ll be back soon with a new blog post.

Until next time, keep reading and add melodrama to your life! 🙂

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