2022 Goals | Is This What They Call Change?

At the beginning of the year, I wanted so much for myself that it became difficult to contain in one post. But I also wanted to ease my own pressure on myself. So, I put off writing the post and decided to take the year as it comes. And I’m glad I did because 4 months down the line, I’m looking at goals that I didn’t think I would be going after when the year started. This is because I feel like I’ve become someone so different yet so similar to that woman, that it’s hard to put a finger on what exactly has changed.

Yet, I still have a few goals that I want to achieve in this year that were part of last year’s goals. I won’t categorize them or slot them because I’ve started feeling that one or more of these will eventually bleed into the others.

So, here’s a short but precise list of what I want to do in 2022:

  • Read what I want to read. I don’t care a lot about the reading slump I am in right now. I’ll take it easy, read what I want to read, not read if I don’t feel like it, or do something else instead – maybe learn a language or watch a show or two or ten. I’ve always said to people who say they can’t read more than one or two books a month that it doesn’t matter how much you read. It matters that you read. I guess it’s time for me to apply that to myself.
  • Clean up this blog and concentrate on writing more. I’ve started this clean up and I know it will take me a few weeks to get the blog to where I want it to be. But I really want to focus on my blog more. The written word was where I started, and where the written word takes me is where I want to go. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me here than on other platforms. 🙂
  • Learn the language I started learning recently in a better manner. Sometimes just finishing a course isn’t enough. I know I’ve got to immerse myself in it. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Maybe right after finishing this blog post? 😀
  • Not fixate on hitting Booktube and Bookstagram milestones. This could be a whole other blog post altogether and maybe I’ll even write a rant or two. But in a nutshell, Booktube and Bookstagram have taken more energy out of me than I can explain, even though I love doing both. The people are amazing. It’s the algorithms that are the problem. How they take and take from creators that make the platforms what they are and not give them what they deserve is beyond me!
  • Work on my travelogue. I visited the USA in 2015 and documented my experience in a diary. It’s not a lot but since it was the first time I ever traveled abroad, I want to put my experience out there for the world to read. I’m not super pumped about it as before but I do want to work on it, nevertheless.
  • Work on my pending short stories. The thing about short stories is that the ideas come in paragraphs and sentences, but I’m not able to flesh them out into complete stories. Hopefully I will be able to make progress on them, if not finish!
  • Become healthier, and I don’t just mean exercise. I want to make lasting changes to my habits as well. I know this is going to be an uphill task, especially because of the expectations that people will start piling on me once I even take my baby step. But I’ll get there one day.
  • Not stress myself out about things I can’t control. This is easier said than done and I know I’ve said this before without being able to put it into practice. But I do want to implement it because I know I want some peace of mind.

That’s it. Those are my goals for this year.

What are your goals for 2022? Which of these do you resonate with? How is your 2022 going? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

I’ll see you soon in a new blog post!

Until next time, keep reading and add melodrama to your life! ❤

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