Blogtober 2022 – Can I Do This?

For a long time, I didn’t know a lot of blogging terms as I navigated the Internet and the blogging world. But a couple of years ago, I think, I came across Blogtober, a concept in which bloggers from around the world participate in a sort of unspoken, unanimous blogging event where they post a blog post every day in the month of October. I was immediately intrigued and though I promised myself I would do it one October, that one October didn’t come around until this year.

We’d just moved to Australia and our living arrangements were still uncertain, but my mind was running a mile a minute. I wondered for a few days about whether doing Blogtober would be feasible, if I could see it through to the end. And then I decided that I would do it, no matter what. It was (is) going to be tiring and it was (is) going to take all of my energy, especially since I haven’t posted 31 articles in a year, leave alone in such quick succession. But I’m taking this on, fingers crossed and eyes blazing with determination (and from staring at the screen too long) and hoping that I will be able to get through Blogtober. 😉

I have topics for all 31 days mapped out. Some, you’ve seen in video format. Some, I’ve wanted to write for a long time. Some, are the regular updates, but blog posts nevertheless. I might or might not change up some of them depending on my mood on any given day. But I’m happy with this layout. It took me a few days to get here, what with trying to get a good mix of bookish and non-bookish posts, but seeing it now fills me with equal parts pride and terror. 😛

The posts will go up on the blog at 11 AM IST on 1st October and at 10 AM IST from 2nd October onwards. Daylight savings is a bit of an unnecessary complication, honestly, but hey! I will schedule these posts so that’s one less thing to worry about. 😛

You will find all the posts for this year’s Blogtober under Books -> Blogtober -> Blogtober 2022 in the menu across all pages on the blog. I’m super excited for this to fill up from tomorrow!

I will also have a blog post on 1 November where I talk about my progress on Blogtober – a sort of introspection to see if I did what I thought I could do and what I said I would do. I will list out all the Blogtober posts in that post as well, just because I can. 😛

So that was me putting myself out there, making a full public commitment to Blogtober. I guess there’s no backing out, now that I’ve put it out there into the ether. I am, however, super excited to continue as I’ve already scheduled two blog posts. Now onto the next few!

What do you think: Can I get through this or not? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

I’ll see you in the first #Blogtober22 post tomorrow.

Until then, keep reading and add melodrama to your life! 😊

18 thoughts on “Blogtober 2022 – Can I Do This?

  1. This was the first year I had ever heard the term blogtober or even blogmas. Im sure theres something for each month. But this is my first year. I had blogs planned for up to 20 days, but they keep changing their mind on what they want to be. So this will be a learning year for me. Good Luck!

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