The Sexism of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery | #Blogtober22 – Day 14

I’ve been watching a series – finished a second and third loop, too – that has some great acting, some great premises in there. Some characters can be annoying, as is the case everywhere, but some are simply brilliant. The layers to them are so great to watch because underneath all these characters is a strong foundation of what makes them. The female main character especially is a firework in a best meaning of the word. She is badass, she is impulsive, she won’t take sh*t from anyone, she is persuasive, and she is the kindest and most understanding person you’ll ever meet. But cross her and you’ll see!

10 Things That I Notice in Movies and TV Shows – How Much Creative Liberty is Too Much? | #Blogtober22 – Day 5

Over the past few months, starting with my huge break from social media at the beginning of the year, I’ve started watching TV shows in a foreign language. I won’t say which one because I’m not ready to reveal that yet. But watching these shows and getting obsessed with them to the point where I rewatch every show in quick succession has made me realize one thing about myself: I tend to notice small details that were probably written off as creative liberty. While sometimes this liberty can be dismissed, at other times, the event in question has such a tiny possibility of happening in real life that leaving it as it is borders on the bizarre.