The Treatment of Book Influencers – A Little Rant

If you write a book, people will show their awe for you. And fittingly so, because writing a book is no mean feat. It doesn’t matter that the reviews for the book aren’t what you thought they would be. Completing a book and putting it out into the world is a huge thing, an achievement in itself. And who knows, maybe years down the line, this very story might age well and catch on? So that isn’t something that you should worry your storytelling brain about.

When the public is this supportive of the world of books, I wonder why every person in this world doesn’t get the same amount of respect.

5 Years of The Melodramatic Bookworm on YouTube! | What I Have Learned?

5 years ago, on 18 February, 2018, I made a decision to start a YouTube channel in which I could talk about books. I’d never been good at talking on camera in a rehearsed manner. But books were something I was willing to take this extra leap for. Of course, I didn’t get good at it right off the bat. I’m not the best at it now either. My very first video – an introduction of sorts – is likely the worst video ever on the Internet and I have nightmares descend on me the moment I start thinking of it. But that’s the thing – you can’t expect to be expert-level good at something the moment you start doing it, no matter what the thing is. And I’ve lived this multiple times.

My Social Media Journey (and why I’m tired of it) | #Blogtober22 – Day 16

One’s introduction to social media is so exciting, isn’t it? Oh, we can connect to friends on social media! Oh, I’m going to meet so many new people on there! Oh, my favorite artists are only one click away and I can interact with them! Oh, I’m going to become a phenomenon overnight because I’m going share and share and share and talk and talk and talk! And only one of these isn’t true. Because despite all the positives that social media extends to us, it can also be a draining experience. The constant need to put oneself out there and keep on top of the trend and stay updated takes something out of us.