I am Always Here With You by Himanshu Rai | Book Review

My notion of immortal or undying love is that it’s a sort of a cheesy, overdone concept that people just can’t seem to get enough of writing about. In literature, at least. It might have happened to people in real life – I’m not denying or mocking it. But the number of times that people have used this idea actually boggles my mind. Himanshu Rai’s I am Always Here With You is yet another story that uses this timeworn concept and tries to bring some iota of unseen emotion to it.

Inside the Heart of Hope by Rishabh Puri | Book Review

‘Inside the Heart of Hope’ is the story of Rick, a child suffering from hyperlipidemia. His parents curb his movements because they think that their son’s life could be harmed if he exerted more than necessary. But Rick wants to be free. He wants to be like any other normal child. He is disappointed and heartbroken, but his willpower helps him to plow forward.