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Okay, so Wonder by R. J. Palacio has been on my TBR list for a long time. I had heard so much about it that I knew I had to get my hands on it soon. But unfortunately, the movie Gods made sure the movie was announced before I could read the book. And before I could lay hands on the book, I had to go watch the movie. Thanks to my husband. 😉

Wonder is, true to its name, an absolute wonder. Jacob Tremblay plays August ‘Auggie’ Pullman, a boy with Treacher Collins syndrome (in which deformities scar the face and are mostly untreatable) that has been home-schooled. And now, his parents deem it right for him to finally start attending school. Wonder is the story of how Auggie overcomes all the negativity that comes with having a different face layout despite undergoing multiple surgeries.

Isabel (Julia Roberts), Auggie’s mother, and Nate (Owen Wilson), Auggie’s father, along with Auggie’s sister, Olivia ‘Via’ Pullman (Izabela Vidovic) form the core of the strength behind how Auggie sees the world. And as more people enter it and see Auggie’s world for so much more than what it is, you descend into tears.

There are a lot of awesome things about the movie. The best part, however, is that it moves you to tears when you expect the least. The next best part is that you don’t mind it one bit. Beautiful in its warmth, Wonder knows its worth with every frame of the movie. It works hard on what R. J. Palacio has built in the novel. And when such a genius as Stephen Chbosky helms the film, it is bound to turn into what it proves to be.

Wonder is a world in itself. A world where realizations are palpably eminent. A world where kindness is not too far off. A world where there is no discrimination against the different. A world where despite the majority of rejections, there is always a clique that stays in your corner. It is heartwarming in the way it makes you empathize with others

R. J. Palacio’s debut novel, Wonder, translated to the big screen may not hold the same awe (I haven’t read the book yet), but I’m sure it gathered the essence of the story pretty well. Tears were flowing freely, laughter was thrown about gaily, and smiles dazzled frequently. I would want to watch the film again!

Performance-wise, Jacob Tremblay owns the film, though I must say Owen Wilson as the Dad who keeps the family together with his wit and humor is a wonder too. The entire cast cohesively puts together a movie that is wonderful in the way it advocates kindness and empathy. It champions the cause against bullying and everything within your system yearns to break out and hug Auggie. You know it isn’t possible but if you even thought of doing so, you know you’re watching a good movie.

It just filled my chest to watch such an amazing movie. And now, I cannot wait to read the book! And I hope it is soon enough that I read the story and cry. I don’t mind crying because of this story. I don’t mind it one bit!

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Until next time, keep reading, keep watching, and add melodrama to your life! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Wonder | Movie Review

  1. The story is too beautiful! I read it myself after watching the trailer. It’s like, if a movie is out of any book, I just remember the character’s faces and everything else I imagine, like every other reader. And then watching the movie is such a pleasure!
    I haven’t watched the movie wonder yet. But book, was truly heartmelting! And the Julian’s chapter is precious! 😊 You’ll know why.


    1. Hey thanks so much for leaving your thoughts. 🙂
      I haven’t read the book yet but I am sure it is better than the movie, as always. But then again, since I watched the movie first, I fell in love with the story. I’m going to read the book this year, no doubt and I look forward to it! 😊


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