The Travel Tag – Travel Tuesday Shenanigans!

COVID-19, as we all know, has put everything on hold. One thing that under this bracket is travel. With the pandemic making it difficult to interact with people, it’s a given that travel on any level and is still discouraged to a certain extent. So while the world is getting back on its feet from this debilitating pandemic, I decided to start posting travel content again. Perhaps a little list or two now and again about places I want to visit or those I’ve visited or things I’ve learnt while traveling. What say? 😉

But to kick it off, this Travel Tuesday, I’m doing a little tag that I found a while ago. It’s called The Travel Tag and it was posted by Girls Wanderlust, who in turn found it on a Dutch blog before translating it. Here’s the translated tag from Girls Wanderlust: The Travel Tag by Girls Wanderlust.

Which countries of the world have you already visited?

I’ve been to very few countries and that’s something that I will always regret. My 20s were chaotic but I’m also glad I visited whatever countries I did for the experiences they gave me. The United States of America, Greece, Indonesia, and Australia are the only countries I’ve been to so far. My passport is an empty book, waiting for stories to be written. 😛

Which destination is number one on your bucket list?

Bruges, Belgium used to be number one until a few months ago but another city/country has kicked it off the top spot. I won’t say which city/country it is, but if and when I visit it, I will do a blog post about it, that’s for sure. 🙂

What is your most ideal holiday?

I’m an introvert who loves hanging around in cafes and people watching while reading a book or working on something I love. That’s the extent of my socialization. And I don’t like rushing everywhere. It makes for a very cluttered experience in my opinion. I like a relaxed stroll through the city or whatever we’re visiting, to take in everything the place has to offer. That’s my ideal holiday. Plus, now with my arthritis, I don’t think anything other than a relaxed holiday holds an attraction for me.

Which place did you think was so special that you would love to go back there sometime?

New York, USA, and Santorini, Greece. Both expensive places to live/stay in. 😛 But both are so stunning, so vibrant in their own ways that I am compelled to put them on here.

Also, Melbourne! The weather is fickle AF, but I love that city to no end!

Show us your nicest holiday photo.

There are a lot of pictures that I’ve taken over time, but I keep coming back to this one from Miami because of how beautiful it turned out to be. I took it on my basic Moto G smartphone but the colors in here pop out like no other. Pretty proud of this one, honestly! 😀

Did you have to travel for work sometime? If yes, where?

The only time I’ve had to travel for work was at the beginning of my IT career for training. That was to Mysore and I was there for 5 months before returning to my city.

With who would you like to go on a vacation sometime?

I’d love to go on a solo trip again sometime! The last time I did was to the USA. I was alone in two cities and had a good time by myself. A time for introspection et al.

The pandemic has turned me into a dependent human being but I really want to get back to being that person who can do everything on her own.

Who or what would you take with you to an uninhabited island?

If possible, all of my books and my Kindle. Also, a good internet connection and my phone so that I can watch all the dramas that I want to watch. Read my life update blog post to know more about this. 😛

Have you already been on vacation to the Netherlands?

No, but I would love to! It’s such a beautiful country, if the pictures are anything to go by. And I know that many-a-times the real experience is a million times better than scrolling through pictures. Valid only for places, not human beings. 😛

Would you rather go to an amusement park or a zoo?

Neither. I’d rather sit on a beach, watching the waves lap or reading a book or in a café by the waters. Adventure is way too taxing on my arthritic body. 😛

Would you rather go on a ski or a sun vacation?

I wouldn’t ski but since the sun is a headache for me (literally; I get migraines because of it), I’d choose to go on a ski vacation and do something else over there. 😛

What is your nicest holiday memory?

I have to say strolling through Central Park and Times Square, even though the latter had way too many people and I got a headache from all the noise. I felt alive in those moments.

What is your least nicest holiday memory?

We were at Niagara Falls and a friend pointed out to someone and said something like, “Look, your boyfriend!” and I went, “WTF!” They got super offended at that and didn’t speak to me that whole evening.

To which country (countries) are you going on holiday this year?

I don’t think I’ll be traveling much this year on holiday. But I sure do hope that this changes as time goes by.

Where would you never go on holiday?

I’ve never thought of where I wouldn’t go, but have always focused on where I want to go. It hasn’t much worked out for me, but I do think that maybe the future has better things in store. Basically my answer to this question is ‘none’.

So those were my answers to The Travel Tag this Travel Tuesday. What are your answers? What do you think of the places I’ve talked about? Would you like me to post more travel content? Where would you like to travel next? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

I’ll see you in the next blog post.                                                                                               

Until next time, keep reading, and add melodrama to your life! ❤

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