The Invention of Everything – Insights on Life, Food, and One Good Thermos by Everett De Morier | Book Review

The thing about today’s world is that it is lost in a haze of mindless competitions and artificial nourishments. What if we actually do something to rectify this situation? With this, too, there is a problem. We have the right intent to do something that will make our lives easier, but most importantly, as the author says in this book, the lives of those around us easier. Because isn’t that what a good life is all about? Keep your comforts but make sure they don’t cause any discomfort to those around you.

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger | Book Review

I’d finally gotten around to including The Devil Wears Prada in my immediate TBR because I knew that if I didn’t do it now, I wouldn’t read it for a long time. It was as part of the BookTube-A-Thon 2018 that I read this book and watched the movie. One of the reading challenges said: Read and watch a book-to-movie adaptation. So I saw the chance and I took it!

Cantilevered Tales by Jayant Kripalani | Book Review

Artist Jayant Kripalani is used to bringing stories to life visually, be it in film, television, or theater. But he is also an author whose first book, New Market Tales, brought out nostalgia and history in full force. And now, his second book Cantilevered Tales, promises to bring reality to the fiction that we read. The story of everyday people and their quirks, Cantilevered Tales has a simple but attractive cover, and an even intriguing blurb.

50 Cups of Coffee by Khushnuma Daruwala | Book Review

I found the title of this book, 50 Cups of Coffee: The Woes and Throes of Finding Mr. Right very, very intriguing. This reason, in conjunction with a slew of good reviews that made their way to me, compelled me to add it to my Amazon wish list. This was a long time ago. It was only recently that I bought it, and that too, because I was getting a really good deal. So I bought 3 more books along with it. 😀

Adulthood Is A Myth by Sarah Andersen | Book Review

Being an adult isn’t easy. As you grow up, you realize that most of what you thought of as a child wasn’t true at all. Sarah Andersen’s Adulthood Is a Myth, the first in the Sarah’s Scribbles collection, takes everyday situations and turns it into relatable comics that has you nodding vigorously in agreement. Starting off as a web comic that went viral and then getting a book of its own, Adulthood Is a Myth is reality tossed with crazy amounts of comedy. This comic take on ‘adulting’ was probably was many people in the world were waiting for, to realize that there are many others just like them.

Qarib Qarib Singlle | Movie Review

Qarib Qarib Singlle is the story of Yogi (Irrfan) and Jaya Shashidharan (Parvathy Thiruvothu). Yogi and Jaya have completely conflicting personalities. While Yogi is a rich businessman who is modest about his wealth, carefree, and lives in the present, Jaya works in insurance, and feels the need to keep people around her happy.

Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome | Book Gush

When I saw Jerome K. Jerome’s Three Men in a Boat on a list of most humorous novels and being so widely appreciated, a skeptical eyebrow went up automatically. I had thought that the book was grossly overhyped. But it was when I picked it up and started reading it that I truly understood why it was getting the footage it was getting.

The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year by Sue Townsend | Book Review

As a person who loves their sleep, it is plain enough why I picked up this book. Sue Townsend’s The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year is the story of Eva Beaver, a woman who is fed up of everyday life and takes to her bed. For a year. Obviously. And the summary had me thinking of how I could be this woman someday.